Refund Policy

60-Day Warranty:

We offer a 60-day warranty period for services rendered, during which any issues with the delivered services will be promptly addressed and refilled in the event of incomplete delivery, unless otherwise specified within a specific order. However, after the initial 60-day period, any future issues regarding delivered services are not eligible for refunds or replacements.

Partial Refund for Unfinished Delivery:
In the case of an unfinished delivery, we offer a partial refund determined by the campaign’s current status.

For Campaigns with views:
Partial refunds for undelivered orders are calculated based on the traffic directed to the video, not solely on the currently delivered views.

Other Services (Likes, Followers, Subscribers, Comments, Favorites, Reviews, Shares, etc.):
Partial refunds for undelivered services are determined by the current numbers visible on the respective link.

Order Cancellations:
We reserve the right to reject any request for order cancellation. While our team is not available 24/7, users are responsible for submitting orders with caution on the platform.

Terms of Service Violation:
Any violation of our Terms of Service will result in immediate removal from the platform, account cancellation, and nullification of the account balance. Our company holds no responsibility or liability for user-generated content.

Additional Notes:
Please be advised that users are required to carefully review and adhere to our Terms of Service to ensure compliance. Our company does not assume responsibility for the content shared by users on our platform.

Please note:
This refund policy may be subject to change without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review this policy periodically for any updates or revisions.

Please also read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy